Meet our Experts

Our mentors are at the core of our program. We will match you with the right mentors to guide you to international growth.

„Entering a new market, especially a geographical market, can be quite challenging. How do you assess the market really quickly? How do you assess your product or service and establish if it’s relevant? It’s quite difficult to do when you don’t have any external help.”

Joanna Pawluczuk Mentor, Southeast Asia

„Really successful entrepreneurs know how to leverage resources. Mentor resources such as networks, best in class knowledge on what it takes to scale effectively, and finally access to capital – and the knowledge about how to access it. German Accelerator provides you with an extraordinary  opportunity to take advantage of this.“

Patrick Guerra Mentor, Silicon Valley

Do you really think you can do all of what you need to do from home to be successful in the U.S.? I’ll answer that question for you. You can’t.“

Susan Lindner Mentor, New York


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