Five Best Sources for Tech Events in Singapore

As Singapore’s startup ecosystem is booming, there are a horde of Tech events available whether you’re interested to learn, network, or looking for inspiration.

But how can you separate the wheat from the chaff and not waste your time attending boring, useless events? Here are some of our favorite event websites and newsletters to help you find the tech events that are most interesting and relevant.



SGInnovate is a government-run platform that supports the local deep tech startup ecosystem with human capital as well as investment capital.It also hosts and co-hosts lots of interesting events covering a broad range of different deep tech topics like AI, Blockchain, MedTech, CleanTech and others.

There are events and workshops almost every day, so there is always a great option to hear some stunning discussions. The networking time at the end of each event will allow you to make some valuable contacts to enrich your business network.

2. Collision 8


Coworking spaces usually offer some smaller events. Events at coworking spaces usually give you the opportunity to really connect to the people within the coworking space. These events are usually a bit smaller and personal, and usually cover interesting topics related to strategy, business development and softskills.

As a member of the Collision 8 coworking space in Singapore, the German Accelerator team enjoys taking part in the events they host and co-host. They have 12 beautiful event venues, and you don’t need to be member to attend their events.

3. LEVEL 3


LEVEL 3 is another coworking space that holds great events for the Singapore tech startup community. The events range from breakfast sessions with founders/VCs, lunchtime talks and advisory clinics/workshops for startups, to pitch events and new tech launches.

They also organize monthly community drinks for their coworking space community, friends from Unilever, and corporate partners.

4. Block 71


As our office is in JTC Launchpad, a hub for startup innovation in Singapore, we are always curious about what our neighbors are doing. Block 71 is a tech startup-hub housing over 250 startups. It offers a great variety of events from VC pitching sessions to developer workshops and networking events.With more than 20 events a month, there is always something happening.

5. The List


The List is a website and newsletter that is kept very simple in design. They curate the best upcoming events in Singapore’s startup scene on their website and you can subscribe to a weekly newsletter.They present various events from different hosts, so it saves you the time needed to crawl through different websites.

These are just some of our go-to sites and newsletters for events in Singapore. Happy learning and networking!


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