March 17, 2022

Kickstart International: Check How Ready Your Business Is for New Markets!

Written by German Accelerator

Scaling your business internationally takes time and resources. German Accelerator is there to support you on your journey and with your first steps. Take a look at our “Internationalization Readiness Checklist” to find out what factors to consider in assessing your readiness for internationalization.


Start Your Global Expansion With the Kickstart International Program

If you’re unsure which market to go to or have only just started to think about internationalization but don’t know where to start, our Kickstart International program might just be the right fit for you.

In 2021, German Accelerator launched Kickstart International to expand its program offering to further support companies, offering a variety of programs to best suit the individual needs of startups. Since launching, Kickstart International has prepared over 70+ German startups including Sastrify, Myos, and Awork for international expansion. The program equips you with the necessary skills needed to build a successful scalable business:

  • Understand the Essentials of International Expansion
    We equip you with the necessary understanding and skills needed to expand your business internationally. In doing so, we help you make critical early decisions and minimize risk right from the start.
  • Measure Your International Readiness
    You will be provided with feedback on your readiness for international expansion from our team of experts and mentors so that you can start working on your milestones and global mindset.
  • Incorporate Learnings Directly Into Your Business Approach
    Tap into our global mentor pool to help your startup incorporate essential program learnings and insights directly into your business approach through 1:1 mentoring.
  • Access Our Global Ecosystem: Find Valuable Partners in Germany & Worldwide
    We help you expand your individual business network with highly valuable contacts including potential customers, partners, investors, multipliers on a national and international level as well as our alumni community.
“The program was the perfect way for us to evaluate and work on our internationalization strategy. The high level of input as well as the network of highly qualified people, was just the right set of tools for our vision to become an international acting company.”

Marius Bierdel
Co-Founder & CTO


German Accelerator’s 5-day Kickstart International program empowers program participants to make critical decisions on product, market, and business models to support their growth trajectories on an international level. Startups of all stages and industries incorporated in Germany who have an interest in international expansion can apply. Find more information about Kickstart International here.

If you’re ready to take the first step, apply now or reach out to our team to discuss if the program will suit your needs via