Top 10 Tips: Virtual Network Organizations & Communities in New York for Female Leaders

Written by German Accelerator

Female entrepreneurship in New York is thriving virtually and this may be the perfect opportunity to start growing your network from wherever you are. Here are 10 top organizations & communities that bring together businesswomen of the New York startup ecosystem and beyond.

As many people around the world keep practicing social distancing, a lot of (tech) companies have adjusted to a new remote way of working – even beyond COVID-19. Twitter, for example, is allowing employees to work from home forever. What does this mean for networking and socializing in a city like New York? Not being able to meet people face to face certainly is a huge loss, but people are still eager to grow their network and forge new human connections. In fact, it is easier now than ever to find and join virtual communities.

As a female entrepreneur, feeling supported by and connected with other women who are also navigating this journey can be very valuable. Vetted by women of the German Accelerator network, we curated a list of 10 network organizations that offer a safe and uplifting (virtual) space for women (and all those who identify as such) to share resources and knowledge, create forward momentum, seek out meaningful conversations, and develop true friendships.

Note that most of the organizations and communities listed below have come up with their own creative ways of taking the conversation online. Make sure to check their sites for the latest updates. Now, let’s go network, ladies!


1. Chief

“I’m a member of Chief which has a Clubhouse down in Tribeca. They’ve created an empowering community for women entrepreneurs and executives to network with and learn from one another,” says Vanessa Liu, VP Foundries North America and German Accelerator mentor.

Chief’s experiences are designed for C-level executives and VP’s to “connect and inspire.” Events can range from conversations with industry icons to workshops designed for senior leaders. And there is Core, Chief’s curated peer group experience with 10 career contemporaries brought into existence to forge “deeper connection, camaraderie, and support.”

Vanessa has two more recommendations for communities that also have online resources. “Dreamers // Doers and Female Founders Collective are terrific online communities that are uplifting and empowering for women to connect.”

2. Fly Female Founders

Executive communication coach and German Accelerator mentor Lisa Patti values the community of Fly Female Founders. “They are a beautiful group of founders collaborating to help one another grow.”

The community of 800+ NYC-based female entrepreneurs is all about believing in the power of women and creating a constructive and supportive environment for female founders and leaders to grow and excel. The events provide a platform to share resources, get inspired, collaborate, and establish genuine connections with like-minded women.

In accordance with social-distancing guidelines, they have moved their “magic makers” breakfasts online. Joining their active Facebook group is also a great way of starting the virtual conversation.

3. Luminary

Luminary, now offering a fully digital membership, is another one of New York City’s well-known collaboration hubs for women. Passionate about professional development and expanding networks, Luminary is described as a “refuge for the curious, the ambitious, the connectors, and the change agents.” Their way of helping women thrive is by providing professional coaching and focusing on meaningful relationships.

4. Female Founders Fund

“I think for a young female entrepreneur, I found Female Founders Fund has both amazing content and an incredible group of women.” Says Innovative Tech Advisor, Author, and German Accelerator mentor Peg Samuel.

The fund invests exclusively in female-founded businesses because they are convinced that women experience greater successes – and fewer failures – than their male counterparts.

If venture capital is not interesting for you at this point, you can still profit from joining their different online events that provide access to shared knowledge and top female CEOs (make sure to sign up for their newsletter to stay in the loop). The Female Founder Fund blog that features inspirational female founder stories is also a great resource to check out every now and then.

5. Goldenseed

Goldenseed, an early-stage investment firm that focuses on women leaders, is an insider tip from executive advisor, communications expert, and German Accelerator mentor Sabrina Horn. “I like events sponsored by Goldenseed, a wonderful angel network with venture capital for female entrepreneurs in New York.”

They have a very impressive news section featuring numerous interviews with successful female founders. Read the series “How Did She Do It?” here.

6. Ladies, Wine & Design

Ladies Wine & Design is a global non-profit initiative with chapters in over 280 cities worldwide. After Founder Jessica Walsh realized that sometimes peers can be competitive or unsupportive of one another, she wanted to help change that through mentorship circles, portfolio reviews, talks & creative meetups for women. Brand designer Meryl Vedros told us, “I’ve spoken at the Leipzig, Berlin, Austin, and Dallas Chapter Events. Most of all, I am in touch with the Brooklyn Team. They do events every month, and the easiest way to keep track of what is going on during these times is by following them on Instagram and subscribing to their email.”

7. Women INnovation (WIN)

WIN is a registered non-profit organization that brings together an in-person and virtual community of 1,500+ members in New York, San Francisco, and London, representing women at leading innovation and design firms, large corporate entities seeking out innovation with dedicated teams or startups that aspire to disrupt an industry. “As a member, you’ll get to attend monthly events and workshops that focus on topics related to innovation, leadership, or professional growth,” says Samihan Shani, Lead Design Strategist at Vedros Studio. WIN’s partnerships with leading consultancies, brands, and academic institutions make it a space for women to truly grow and learn.

8. Quilt

Samihan is also an active member and proponent of Quilt, a membership-based community for women that runs on an app. Quilt members can host and attend virtual conversations within the community to discuss topics that matter most to them, such as dealing with various implications of COVID-19, personal growth, family, career, and more.

9. The Wing

“Togetherness knows no bounds.” The Wing is a popular and growing community of women across the U.S and the globe. While they normally focus on connecting women in co-working spaces, The Wing is currently running a digital platform for women to gather and support each other. You’ll find connections of all kinds: friendship, support circles, professional mentoring, networking, and bonding over shared experience.

10. The Female Founder Collective

Based on their motto, “community is the backbone of everything in life,” the Female Founder Collective is a unique network of businesses led by women, supporting women. Their mission is to empower female-owned and led companies to positively impact the community, both socially and economically. The network provides a safe and creative space for women to connect with other women around vetted resources, capital, growing their business, and operating more efficiently.

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