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July 29, 2020
17:00 (CET)




Pass the Mic – B2B Go-To-Market Strategies for 2020

Interested in entering a new market in 2020? Our expert panel will explore potential go-to-market strategies adapted to the special circumstances around COVID-19 in 2020.

Combining years of experience, Stefan Groschupf (Founder & CEO, Automation Hero), Ralf Hirt (Founder & CEO, 8W8 Global Business Builders and #GAmentor), and Andreas Hofmann (Program CEO, German Accelerator Silicon Valley) will hold a panel to explore insights on changing markets, B2B sales, and business development to help founders create their go-to-market strategy. 

Some topics we will cover:

  • What are the most important considerations for deciding to enter a new market in 2020?
  • When entering a new market, how does a startup define a beachhead market? 
  • What challenges do German startups face when entering the U.S. market these days? What are the opportunities? 
  • When should startups start having customer conversations when considering/making an expansion? How do startups get in touch with the right people/buyers in the U.S. if they can’t be there in person?
  • What can I do today to make sure that my startup is ready to expand within the next year?

After the panel, participants will have the chance to ask their own questions in a quick Q&A.

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