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December 8, 2020

Startup-Corporate Partnerships: How Startups Can Get a Head-Start on Strategy

Written by Keshia Theobald-van Gent

Partnerships can offer huge opportunities for growth for both startups and corporations. Keshia Theobald-van Gent, U.S. Program Director, recently zoomed with #GAmentor Patrick Guerra, Founder & Principal of Lions Peak LLC, to discuss challenges startups face in developing these early partnerships and which tools are the best for startups to recognize partnership opportunities.

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November 11, 2020

Singapore, A Great Gateway To Asia For German Startups

Written by Lydia Koh

The Indo-Pacific region is the world’s growth engine, and it is a priority of German foreign policy. Singapore is at the heart of it, but why is this country such an attractive location for startups and businesses alike, and how can you access the market as a springboard into Asia?

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October 20, 2020

COVID-19: An External Factor Forcing Some Startups to Pivot

Written by Julia John-Scheder

To pivot or not to pivot is a question that many founders will face at some point in their journey of building a company. Sometimes outside forces push startups to reinvent themselves in order to be able to adapt to new environments. COVID-19 altered the landscape for a lot of markets, and it will probably continue to do so. In this article, we highlight some of our alumni companies’ pivots over the past six months to try to shed some light on their decision-making and communication around pivots. 

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September 24, 2020

A Starter Kit for How to Do Sales in the U.S.

Written by Julia John-Scheder

When expanding your business into a new market, there are many things to consider, and oftentimes the sentence “do your homework” is the credo during the preparation phase. With sales, this rings true on your home turf, but in new markets where sales processes might not even have been tested yet, it is even more important. Find out more about the key takeaways from our session with our mentor Martin Guersoy, Managing Partner at Kaan & Associates, on how to set up your sales approach in the U.S.

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September 10, 2020

Startup Stereo Episode #04 – “Every Breakdown Is the Opportunity for a Breakthrough” – With Andy Goldstein

Written by German Accelerator

In this episode of “Startup Stereo,” Andy Goldstein shares his personal perception of crises – or as he calls them “breakdowns.” According to him, every breakdown is the opportunity for a breakthrough! We also talk about pitfalls entrepreneurs might face and tips for founders to successfully steer their business through a crisis. Towards the end of the conversation, we look at digital transformations and Andy’s personal experience as an American living in Europe for more than 35 years.

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August 6, 2020

Cultural Differences: Meetings & Presentation Style 101

Written by German Accelerator

How to Avoid Cultural Business Traps: How To Do International Business Like a Pro | Before heading into your next international business call or meeting, make sure to take the time to familiarize yourself with each country’s cultural norms. Doing so maximizes your chances of success and helps foster strong business ties.

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June 18, 2020

The Secret Sauce to Successfully Go Global With Your Startup

Written by Franziska Rammel

Expanding a business to a new international market is a big challenge to tackle for any company. Depending on which market your startup wants to enter, you will not only face new business challenges but also cultural differences that can lead to further hurdles. The endeavor requires a lot of commitment and many dedicated resources. The good news is, that you’re not the first one starting this undertaking so you can benefit from the learnings, experiences, and best practices of companies that already expanded internationally.

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May 7, 2020

With a Passion for German Culture, Investor Anula Jayasuriya Is Hard at Work Promoting Female Entrepreneurs & Investing in Women’s Health

Written by Lauren Desrosiers

#GAmentor Anula Jayasuriya shares her insights from personal experience in the pharmaceutical industry and venture capital world. We sat down with her to speak about the barriers of entry into the VC world for women, the importance of organizations which support female entrepreneurs, and her investments in women’s health.

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April 7, 2020

Startup Stereo Episode #01 – Why Receiving Feedback Can Feel Like Going to the Dentist – With Jenny von Podewils

Written by German Accelerator

The very first episode of German Accelerator’s podcast “Startup Stereo” is live! In episode #01, Jenny von Podewils, Co-Founder of Leapsome, a platform for people enablement, shares her insights on the importance of feedback and how meaningful reviews can serve as rocket fuel for both learning and a healthy company culture.

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October 29, 2018

The Basics of U.S. Business Taxes

Written by Paul Venokur (EA, Principal at Tarlow & Co. )

Before starting your international expansion in the U.S., it is crucial to have a basic understanding of your businesses’ U.S. tax obligations. Your tax compliance requirements will depend on the type of entity you form. This is the essential first step when planning operations in the U.S.

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October 29, 2018

The Basics of Transfer Pricing and the IRS

Written by Rita Chung (International Tax Partner at Citrin Cooperman & Company LLP)

Transfer pricing has become a key area of focus for tax authorities around the world.  Maintaining appropriate documentation to support a company’s transfer pricing policies mitigates the risk of a potential tax adjustment during a transfer pricing audit and eliminates the risk of potentially substantial penalties.

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October 29, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Startup Boards

Written by Samer Hamadeh, Adam Dinow

Every company has a board of directors – but few founders and entrepreneurs give the matter of board composition much thought. This piece is aimed at U.S.-based startups who are, or are intending to incorporate, as C-Corp companies.

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October 29, 2018

How to Obtain a U.S. Office and Business Address

Written by Eric Erli

Establishing a U.S. office is a crucial initial step when expanding your business to the U.S. This is because an American business address is needed for many tasks that require documentation. Having a U.S. office address is a good way to show that your company is on the ground and committed.

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October 29, 2018

Recruiting for Startup Jobs – Where to Post Vacancies

Written by Eric Erli

In the U.S., finding someone to fill a vacancy is easy, but finding the right person to fill a vacancy is hard. Having a strong team can determine the success or failure of a company. The most common way to find talent is to post open positions on online job boards.

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Seo B2b
October 29, 2018

Creating a B2B SEO Strategy for Startups That Drives Leads

Written by Kevin Indig

Roughly 8 years ago, B2B marketing changed at its core. What was handled by eager salespeople got replaced by the Internet? In the enterprise segment, Salespeople are still necessary to close deals. But nowadays, customers have become very allergic to cold outreach and would rather do research by themselves.

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January 9, 2018

Hiring Interns in the U.S. as a German Company

Written by Klaus-Peter Statz (German Accelerator Mentor in New York)

Hiring interns is a great way to ease a startup’s workload while giving a young talent the chance to experience an exciting work environment. However, the onboarding can become challenging for German companies in the U.S. if they are not yet incorporated.

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