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What Makes New York Special?

There is no energy like ‘New York Energy.’ The city that never sleeps is made up of creativity, entrepreneurialism, environmental sustainability, and social tolerance. New York founders don’t hesitate – they are always hustling and looking to drive revenue.

New York regional economy is the largest in the U.S.

Vast variety of industries creates a powerful tech scene

Rapidly growing and vibrant startup ecosystem

Access to top-notch capital of over 200 venture capital firms

Why is New York Perfect for Your Startup?


Valued at $71B, New York ranks 2nd in the global startup ecosystem


Home to 20.3M+ residents, 7,000+ startups, and 200+ venture capital funds


47 Fortune 500 companies are based in NYC, and 80% are within 2 flight hours


NYC’s strategic location conveniently offers a short timezone difference and flight duration from both Europe and Silicon Valley

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