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German Accelerator

for Mid- & Later-Stage Startups

German Accelerator Silicon Valley supports high-potential German tech startups’ successful entry into the U.S. market. The program is designed specifically for mid- and later-stage startups with the objective of developing the foundation for fast growth. The program provides expert mentoring, an extensive network, and tailored curriculum that is customized to each company’s requirements and objectives.

Mid-/Later-Stage Startup Characteristics

Stable, somewhat resilient, and competitive

Initial market traction, typically in Germany or DACH with $1+ million revenue

Founder sales with limited scalable and repeatable processes; no global sales

The team consists of 15+ team members

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JumpStart Program

Program Features

Customized Mentoring

Hands-on support for companies for all stages from industry experts, investors, and accomplished entrepreneurs

Network Access

Relationships and immersion into one of the world’s leading startup ecosystems

Bootcamp and Workshops

Specialized workshops aimed to help your business needs

San Francisco & Silicon Valley

Office locations in two of the most vibrant and renowned startup hubs in the U.S.

Our Program


1 Month – Preparation

Program participants work closely with their lead mentor remotely in Germany or come to Silicon Valley to identify priorities, program objectives, and company-specific growth challenges. This phase starts four weeks before phase 2.


3 Months – Core Program

Program participants spend 50+ hours with Silicon Valley mentors to test hypotheses, validate product/market fit, and identify investment potential. Founders and/or C-level company executives are based in Silicon Valley for at least 75% of the program period. The three-month phase starts in January, April, July, or October.


6 Months – Program Extension

Participating startups can apply for a program extension based on their progress during the second phase of the program. The objective of the extension phase is to help startups evolve into fast-paced growth machines with a focus on scalable and repeatable sales, marketing, and product processes. This phase starts immediately after completion of the previous phase.

Example Program
Focus Areas

Identify company’s critical growth challenges

Determine market entry strategy and beachhead market

Develop scalable and repeatable sales processes

Create a compelling investor presentation and viable fundraising strategy




Submit application


Selection Committee reviews applications


Applicant provides additional information and virtual live pitch, upon request


Admission decision provided within one week


What our
Alumni say

“I’ve never learned so much so fast in my entire entrepreneurial career. I’m not going to lie, German Accelerator isn’t easy. The mentors challenge us every day to confront obstacles to growth and identify the best ways to address those barriers.

We arrived in the U.S. with assumptions based on our success in Europe. The mentors didn’t tell us we were wrong. Instead, they provided the training and framework to develop a customer-centric approach that is helping us evaluate our strategy and identify product/market fit in the U.S. This is stuff that we will be able to use the rest of our careers.

Without German Accelerator, we would have wasted months chasing a market that is significantly different than the European market and that needs a completely different approach.”

Felix Ewald, CEO & Co-Founder of DyeMansion
German Accelerator Class of Fall 2017 Silicon Valley

Our Industries

Application Deadlines

Class 2020 - 2
Class 2020 - 3

Program: July – September 2020

Class 2020 - 4

Program: October - December 2020

Frequently Asked

Does my company qualify for German Accelerator?

To qualify for any German Accelerator program, a company must be incorporated in Germany (supported legal forms: UG; AG; GmbH; GmbH & Co. KG).

Why do I really need this program?

The German Accelerator program is designed to help your company accelerate global growth and business success in the United States. You will learn Silicon Valley best practices and expand your ecosystem to facilitate funding, sales, partnerships, and recruiting. We will help you validate U.S. product/market fit and go-to-market, while developing scalable and repeatable sales processes.

How does the program differ from Y Combinator, Techstars, and other Accelerators?

In some ways our program is similar to Y Combinator, Techstars, and other top Silicon Valley accelerators. In other ways we are different. Unlike many other programs, German Accelerator doesn’t take any equity or fees. The program is completely free to accepted companies. In addition, we focus our support specifically on German startup needs. Similar to the best Silicon Valley accelerators, our experienced experts will work closely with founders and executives to develop the foundations for fast growth; scalable and repeatable marketing and sales processes; and fundraising strategies.

Can you help me to fundraise in Silicon Valley?

We will help you with your fundraising strategy and get your pitch ready. Once you are ready to talk to potential investors, our mentors can introduce you to them.

Can I re-apply in case my application isn’t accepted?

Our program is highly competitive, and, unfortunately, we can’t accommodate all applicants. We do our best to select the companies that we believe have the greatest potential to benefit from the program. If you are not accepted the first time you apply, you are welcome to re-apply for another program start date. One piece of advice: You have the best chance of being admitted if you update your application demonstrating tangible company and business progress before re-applying.

Does German Accelerator pay for flights and accommodation?

All program services, including mentoring and office space, are free to participating companies. Companies, however, are responsible for associated costs, such as travel and accommodations.

Does German Accelerator take any fees or equity?

No. We take no equity in your company. Program participation is free of charge.

Who is my lead mentor?

Based on your company’s needs, we will match you with one lead mentor that has relevant experience and a network in your industry. We will match you with two more relevant mentors that will become part of your German Accelerator mentor board, which will provide guidance and support during your program. In addition, you can meet with specialist mentors depending on the support your company needs during the program.

Who are the mentors? Can you give me an example?

Our mentor network consists of experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, and leading investors. You can find an overview of all of our mentors here. Feel free to filter based on expertise and location to find the mentors that are most relevant to you.

How quickly can I start after being selected?

Program participants start with the one-month preparation phase in the beginning of March, June, September, or December remotely in Germany or Silicon Valley. The three-month core phase of the program in Silicon Valley starts in the beginning of each quarter and lasts throughout the following three months. We host 4 cohorts per year.

Where are the German Accelerator Silicon Valley offices?

Our office in San Francisco is at Runway on 1355 Market Street. Our Sunnyvale office is at Star Space on 1250 Borregas Avenue. You work from either or both offices.

Can I stop by your office and say hello?

Yes, please stop by to introduce yourself and find out more about the program, especially if you are bringing German chocolate. Be sure to schedule an appointment in advance. Reach out to one of our offices here.

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