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Why is
Silicon Valley
Perfect for Your

Expansive Pool of
High-Quality Talent

Silicon Valley attracts the world’s best and brightest people

Diverse population welcomes talent from anywhere in
the world

Many of Silicon Valley’s most successful entrepreneurs originally immigrated to the region

Diverse and well-established mentor networks

Vibrant Business

  • 7 of the 10 largest tech firms worldwide are located in Silicon Valley and Seattle
  • Huge volume of California and West Coast customers with attitudes open to innovation
  • Consumers and companies of all sizes are early adopter customers

Access to the World’s
Smartest Capital

  • Silicon Valley invests more venture capital each year than the 12 subsequently largest U.S. cities combined; approximately $30 billion in 2017
  • Silicon Valley boasts many of the world’s top VC firms at every stage of investment as well as the most experienced and established network of angel investors

The Cradle and Leader of
Technological Innovation

  • Technological innovation started in Silicon Valley more than sixty years ago and the region remains the clear global innovation leader by every key metric
  • Every major global corporation, U.S. and international, has an ‘innovation lab’ in Silicon Valley
  • 9 of the 15 top world acquirers are from Silicon Valley

World’s Largest
Innovation Ecosystem

  • Home to world-class universities (Stanford, Berkeley, and UCSF, among many others)
  • Best practices, including company building, strategy, agile development, technology, etc.

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