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Application Deadlines

You can apply online at any time after choosing the right program for your company. Please find the deadlines for our classes below:  


Silicon Valley & New York:


12/10/19 for our Class 2020 – 2 (Program: April – June 2020)


03/10/20 for our Class 2020 – 3 (Program: July – September 2020)  


06/10/20 for our Class 2020 – 4 (Program: October – December 2020)  


Life Sciences:

10/04/19 – Round 26

11/29/19 – Round 27 


Southeast Asia:

11/30/19 for our Class 2020 – 1

(Program: February – June 2020)


03/22/20 for our Class 2020 – 2

(Program: June – October 2020)


07/19/20 for our Class 2020 – 3

(Program: September 2020 – February 2021)

Selection Criteria

Applicants must be promising emerging tech or life science companies that are incorporated in Germany and see great potential in the U.S. or Southeast Asian markets.


To qualify for any German Accelerator program, a company must be incorporated in Germany (supported legal forms: UG; AG; GmbH; GmbH & Co. KG).


There is no age limit for companies to participate. Qualification depends on a variety of factors, such as U.S./ Southeast Asia market potential, team, and funding, among others. Revenue is not required but considered a big plus. The companies must dedicate resources to operate in two locations during the program.   The German Accelerator program is covered by the EU’s de minimis aid regulation. Please note that there is a limit of €200,000 of de minimis benefits you are allowed to receive within the current and the two calendar years before. You will be required to complete a de minimis declaration as part of your application process. An official notice will be issued upon program completion. For more information:

Duration of Selection Process

Silicon Valley, New York and Southeast Asia: From application deadline until acceptance, the selection process takes approximately 6 weeks. Life Sciences: We accept applications anytime, there are no deadlines. Our Selection Committee meets every 6-8 weeks, therefore allow for 2-3 months between applying and joining the Orientation Phase.

Program Costs

All program services, including mentoring and office space, are free to participating companies. Companies, however, are responsible for associated costs, such as travel and accommodations. German Accelerator also takes no equity in your company.

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