Look East: The Enormous Potential of Asia for German Startups

Written by German Accelerator

When startups think about internationalization or expanding their business to a new market, they most often consider neighboring countries in Europe or the U.S. Compared to its U.S. and European counterparts, Asia’s tech and innovation scene may be young and less widely known, but it is rapidly growing. As Asia gaining traction with investors and venture capitalists, it attracts many international entrepreneurs exploring new business opportunities, including German companies such as Volocopter and Signavio.

“Being a completely different continent, Asia may not be top of mind for German startups looking at international horizons. However, the region’s high growth potential should not be overlooked, with the emergence of a digitally-savvy consumer class eager to try new and innovative technologies,” shares German Accelerator mentor Timo Josten, Founder & Managing Partner of Group East based in Singapore.

What factors make Asia the market of the future? Which countries should you have on your radar? Where is your startup’s sector in high demand?

We consolidated our insights to these key questions about ‘Why Asia?’ in this infographic:

Infographic Asia

You can download the infographic as a PDF here.

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