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China is the second-largest economy globally and is rapidly evolving from being the “world’s factory” to a consumption-driven economy. Decades of economic development have resulted in a tech-savvy middle-class, propelling consumer spending across sectors like e-commerce and tourism. However, China is not a single, unified market, but rather a collection of challenging individual sub-markets defined by vastly differing demographic, economic, regulatory, and cultural characteristics.

Facts & Figures
About China


Second-largest economy

in the world

989 Million

Active internet users,

the largest concentration worldwide

550 Million

Expected size of China’s middle-class

population by 2022


Unicorns, with several focusing

on automation and AI

Sources: CNBC, Tracxn (2021)

China Snapshot Report

Why should China be on your company’s internationalization roadmap? Decades of economic development have created a robust economy, manufacturing prowess, booming middle class, and leading trade hub. We’ve put together in-depth market insights, sector opportunities, and expert advice in our China Snapshot Report to give you a comprehensive picture.

for German Startups

Smart manufacturing solutions are in high demand as China looks to revamp its colossal $4.78 trillion manufacturing industry, creating opportunities for tech innovation and the rapid commercialization of AI.
China’s recent easing of regulations and increased government support have transformed its healthcare industry, boosting demand for digital health innovation.
The world’s biggest polluter pledged to reduce its carbon footprint to net zero in the next 40 years. Investments in CleanTech infrastructure focusing on electrification, green hydrogen, and carbon capture will create new jobs and drive economic growth.
Although China feeds 20% of the world’s population on 7% of the world’s farmlands, agriculture is one of its least digitized industries. AgriTech solutions from around the globe are answering calls to modernize the industry and bolster its rural economy.

Industry Focus Areas

Illustration manufacturing
Smart Manufacturing
Illustration Syringe
Illustration Clean Tech
Illustration AgriTech

Main Startup Hubs
in China

Map China


Ranked among the world’s top startup ecosystems, Beijing (within the Jing-Jin-Ji region) has built a reputation for itself across AI, big data, EdTech, and FinTech. In addition, the Chinese capital’s 200,000 annual college graduates enter the startup scene one way or another, making the city a leading innovation highland.


Shanghai (and other cities in the Yangtze River Delta) has an impressive mix of global corporate innovation, startup co-working, and investment hubs. As one of Asia’s biggest cities, its strong VC network includes over 5,000 angel investors and associations which have nurtured hundreds of startups in the EdTech, FinTech, mobility, and gaming sectors.


Shenzhen (and the Pearl River Delta, a region comprising nine Guangdong cities, Macau, and Hong Kong) is the epicenter of global high-tech design and manufacturing. It is a thriving innovation hub with a mature market environment to nurture and support the growth of deep tech companies. Giant tech companies such as Tencent, Ping An, BGI, BYD, ZTE, and Huawei are headquartered here.

Programs We Offer for China


The China Essentials workshop enables German companies to learn how to tap into and maneuver the complex Chinese market and develop a first idea if China expansion is a viable option. It is also a prerequisite to our China Market Discovery program.

Market Discovery Program

The China Market Discovery program will help you get first-hand market insights, identify use cases and individual business opportunities within the local ecosystem, and connect with potential customers and partners.

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