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Japan is one of the most affluent markets in Asia with a population of 126M and $38,400 gross domestic product (GDP) per capita. The market is synonymous with quality and innovation and its business community is characterized by its commitment and loyalty to business partners. Its structure is backed by a mature system of laws, regulations, and policies that have created a safe and friendly environment for global businesses to enter the Japanese market.

Facts & Figures
About Japan


World’s 3rd

largest economy

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Profit from rapidly

increasing VC investments


Home to 11% of the

world’s largest companies


World’s second-largest

healthcare market

Sources: BBC (2020), Forbes (2020), Initial (2020)

Japan Snapshot Report

With a new drive towards open innovation, openness to international collaboration, and supportive government policies, Japan is a unique and exciting market for German startups. Download the free Japan Snapshot Report to get comprehensive insights, top tips, and opportunities to expand your business to Japan!

Opportunities for German Startups

The services sector contributes to over 70% of Japan’s GDP, offering opportunities in the areas of retail, banking, insurance, transportation, real estate, and telecommunications.
Highly diversified and broad variety of highly advanced manufacturing, especially in the optical instruments, robotics, hybrid vehicles, automobile, electronics, optical fibers, biochemistry, and semiconductor industry.
Rapidly ageing population with over a third above the age of 65, creating the world’s largest AgeTech market. There is a heavy reliance on imported medical devices.
Commitment to its Society 5.0 vision of building a sustainable, inclusive socio-economic system, powered by digital technologies such as big data analytics, AI, IoT, and robotics.
Similar to Germany, Japan places a high value on craftsmanship, quality, and reliability.

Key Industries Include

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Smart City
Illustration Mapping
Illustration Syringe
Illustration Clean Tech
Illustration Mobile Phone
AI & Predictive Analytics

Main Startup
Hubs in Japan


As Japan’s busy capital, it boasts a startup ecosystem valued at over $14B, specializing in various sectors, including robotics, advanced manufacturing, fintech, consumer services, and Software-as-a-Service.


A vibrant ecosystem of entrepreneurs and startups, Osaka includes 1,000+ early-stage seed startups and is fast emerging as a startup hotspot based on dynamic government support programs.


Fukuoka’s growing economy, reasonable cost of living, and startup incentives make it one of the country’s most thriving startup hubs.

Programs We Offer in Japan

Market Discovery Program

The Japan Market Discovery program will help you get first-hand market insights, explore individual business opportunities within the local ecosystem, and connect with potential customers and partners.

Market Access Program

The Japan Market Access program helps startups enter Japan with the support of our expert mentors and local team. The program length will be individualized according to their company’s needs. Startups are required to have a physical presence prior to joining the program.

What Others Say

We got a much more differentiated perspective on the cultural side of doing business in Japan, also of the importance of honoring cultural aspects if you want to run a business in Japan


Dr. Guenther Hoffmann, Founder of Lexatexer GmbH

The Japanese culture and philosophy play a big part in how people think and behave, so it’s best to spend time understanding this before starting your expansion journey.


Dr. John Kojiro Moriwaka, Director of Startup Grind Fukuoka & #GAmentor

Familiarity and trust are crucial elements for Japanese VCs, as they prefer syndicate investments in markets where a local team presence ensures hands-on involvement in the company’s setup. When you are thinking about entering the Japanese market and subsequently scaling up, having IP is most important, regardless of which market it is from.


Dr. Fumiaki Ikeno, Researcher at Stanford University & #GAmentor

Local Partners

AHK Japan
Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
Startup Fukuoka

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