South America

South America abounds with growth opportunities. Home to one of the world’s top-ten economies and a number of lucrative emerging markets, South America has seen an increase in both domestic and foreign investment across the region as governments build up local infrastructure around university and industry clusters to directly support innovation and entrepreneurship. Whether you want to explore Chile, Argentina, or another South American market, our strong network helps you gain traction in the region.

Facts & Figures
About South America

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27 unicorns

are from South America

$19.5 Billion

VC investment

into South America in 2021


Fastest-growing region

for venture funding in 2021


Growth in startup VC funding

since 2015 faster than any other region

Source: Crunchbase (2022), The Economist (2022)

for German Startups

South America’s growing middle class represents a huge market opportunity since this group is underserved in financial services, infrastructure, e-commerce, and other services

In 2021, South America was the fastest-growing region in the world for venture capital funding due to a growing pool of experienced entrepreneurs and greater participation from foreign investors.

The banking sector in South America is one of the most profitable in the world with a return on equity of 13-15%, which is much higher than in most developed regions.

Key industry opportunities for German startups include automotive, climate tech, education, tourism, agtech, IoT, healthcare, and fintech.

Main Startup Hubs in South America

Map of South America, highlighting Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, and Bolivia


Argentina is the 8th largest country in the world, with a growing reputation for innovation and technological advancement. Home to several top tech companies and startups, particularly in biotechnology, fintech, and e-commerce, Argentina has emerged as a leading hub for technology and innovation in South America.


Bolivia is working towards establishing itself as a player in the tech industry. The midsize country with 11 million inhabitants has a growing tech sector and a small but active startup ecosystem. The main startup hubs, La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra are home to a number of successful tech companies.


South America’s largest economy, Brazil, is home to 23 unicorns and has been investing heavily in research and development, focusing on artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and renewable energy. The country is the 4th most digitized market in the world and has a highly skilled workforce, with a large number of graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.


Ranked as the most innovative country in South America by the Global Innovation Index, Chile has made significant strides in fostering a culture of innovation. Chile boasts a thriving startup ecosystem, with Santiago being one of the leading tech hubs in the region.


With Asunción being the main tech hub in the country, Paraguay is home to a number of tech companies and startups. The government has implemented various initiatives to support entrepreneurship and innovation, such as tax incentives and funding programs for startups.


Uruguay has a burgeoning tech industry and a reputation for innovation. In addition, the country has one of the highest rates of internet penetration in the region, making it an attractive destination for digital and tech businesses.

Programs We Offer in South America

South America Kickstart Program

The South America Kickstart program supports early-stage German startups with the knowledge and tools needed to build and grow a scalable, global business right from the start.

Market Discovery Program

The Market Discovery program helps German startups validate the suitability of their business in new potential target markets in South America.

What Others Say

South America is one of the world’s fastest-growing regions for venture funding due to the great influx of foreign investments and a considerably growing pool of experienced, resilient entrepreneurs. From tech talent in Argentina to the greatest unicorn hubs like Brazil – the region offers vast opportunities.


Claus Karthe | Managing Partner

Especially in the areas of energy and sustainability, the German and South American governments intend to work closely together as strong, complementary partners – We are looking forward to supporting this mission by raising awareness of market opportunities for German startups in South America.


Kristin Eckert | Strategic Lead, South America

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