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Asia is the world’s growth engine and the region has taken the spotlight among the top startup ecosystems globally. Home to three of the world’s top seven economies, Asia’s robust growth and business-friendly environment is fertile ground for startups from all sectors. Whether you want to explore India, Japan, South Korea, or markets within Southeast Asia, our strong network is ready to support you in gaining a lasting foothold in the region.

Facts & Figures
About Asia


Global GDP will come

from Asia by 2040

$81.7 Billion

VC investment attracted

to the region in 2020


Of the world’s largest companies

(by revenue) are headquartered in Asia


Unicorns are

from Asia

Source: Investopedia (2020), McKinsey (2020), CB Insights (2020), Statista (2021)

for German Startups

Robust government support, startup programs, infrastructure, and the high respect for German expertise, quality, and efficiency provides a conducive environment for growth in the region.

Asia’s strong digital economy and high internet penetration rate enables rapid technology adoption for E-commerce, payments, and blockchain innovation.

Corporations in Asia are increasingly looking to startups to reinvent their business models, building demand for enterprise tech solutions that focus on network security, business intelligence, data analytics, DevOps, business process automation, and cloud optimization.

Investors are turning their focus on HealthTech, BioTech, EdTech, logistics, FoodTech, and marketplace platforms across Asia, signaling growth opportunities for new entrants to capitalize on.

Main Startup Hubs in Asia

Word Map with Main Startup Hubs in Asia

Programs We Offer in Asia

Market Discovery Program

The Market Discovery program helps German startups validate the suitability of their business in new potential target markets such as India, Japan, and South Korea.

Market Access Program

The Market Access program helps startups to enter Asia with the support of our expert mentors and local team. Startups get access to and enter the identified target markets in Asia, and the program length will be individualized according to their company’s needs.

Our Offices in Asia


Our office is located in JTC Launchpad, Singapore’s vibrant home for startups and enablers. Strategically located in Asia, Singapore is a cosmopolitan city and its English-speaking population represents a dynamic mix of cultures from across Asia. It is the world’s most competitive economy and its business-friendly environment and strong tech talent has attracted 80 of the world’s top 100 tech companies to set up its Asian headquarters in Singapore. Should you require to work in other Asian markets for a short period as part of the program, our team is happy to find possible office space arrangements with our regional network partners.

German Accelerator in Singapore
75 Ayer Rajah Crescent
#02-16 JTC LaunchPad, Block 75
Singapore 139953

What Others Say

As a region, Asia is so diverse, and it is essential to adapt your strategy accordingly. No one size fits all. Be patient and be ready. You never know when that golden opportunity may come your way.


Tim Miller, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Certif-ID

Asia is a huge growth region with a rapidly growing young population that is now very advanced, also in terms of purchasing power. In addition, Asia has long been more than just the continent that houses the world’s factories. There are now millions of highly qualified jobs in Asia, and the search for the best skills dominates the labor markets.


Christian Vetter, CEO & Co-Founder of HRForecast

Trusted relationships are key when scaling in this dynamic region. It usually comes via a good referral network and notable Asian clients. For a startup, this would mean building your network quickly in the Asian ecosystem, investing in the first wave of flagship clients, and having a good amount of digital brand presence.

Yih Cheng Yak, Director, Business Solutions at ADA Asia & #GAMentor

Asia is much more relationship-based. Although the rules of engagement with investors in Europe and Asia are similar, the difference is how long it takes for them to be comfortable and trust you.

Chris Aw, Managing Partner of Pandan Ventures & #GAmentor

Being from Germany is like a brand in itself – the engineering excellence and reputation for great processes are an advantage for startups in Asia.

Dr. Arne Kruse, Managing Director at Rytle

Local Partners


Check out our local partners within the individual country pages: Southeast Asia | Japan | India | South Korea | China