A Deep-Dive Into Our 2019 Companies – Thank You for an Amazing Year

It’s that time of the year again where you step back and take a look at what you have achieved over the past year. For us at German Accelerator, that means to have a look at the companies that joined one of our programs in 2019 and to be thankful for all the amazing stories that we have been part of. We’re grateful for every single one of the more than 230 companies that have started their expansion journey with us since 2012.

Over the years, not only our program developed a lot but also the startup ecosystem in Germany. A couple of years ago, Berlin was the place to be for any startup. We’re safe to say that other German regions are finally becoming more and more entrepreneurial, too! According to our database, the major hotspots in 2019 have been Bavaria and Berlin – 56 % of our startups in 2019 came from one of these two states. So far no surprise, but we’re happy that also North-Rhine Westfalia and Hessen are represented pretty well.

In terms of industries, most of the companies in 2019 are active in the software as well as data and connectivity sector. In addition, we also had the pleasure to work with lifestyle and eCommerce startups as well as media and entertainment companies – what a great mix of companies on the B2B side, as well as on the B2C side of things.

Pie Chart of German Accelerator Companies' Industries

Let’s see what these charts are going to look like in 2020!

“The most exciting times always lie ahead of you!”