Artificial Intelligence (AI) Programs

An Exclusive Product-Focused Offering for Startups with Unique AI Technologies

AI startups face unique challenges in new markets, including data privacy and security regulations, data availability, data access, model re-trainings, AI infrastructure availability, product scalability and reliability, and IP considerations. Our AI-focused programs enable German AI startups to understand, prepare for, and get support for their technology-based needs from a global network of world-class AI mentors specialized in AI product development and commercialization.

In a Nutshell

German Accelerator supports AI startups in their international expansion with expertise in AI/ML, product development, and scalability.

As part of our various AI offerings, startups can find a suitable AI program to match their internationalization goals and markets of interest.

The AI programs provides customized support for navigating the unique internationalization challenges of each AI company.

The AI programs offer AI-specific workshops on topics such as IP strategy, AI landscape in various markets, AI talent acquisition, as well as public and private resources for AI startups in international markets.

What’s in It For Your Startup

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Understand and Plan for Your AI Product’s Scalability

Gain a deep understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges of bringing AI products to a new market.

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Stay On Top of AI Technology Trends

The AI programs connect you and your team with best-in-class AI experts, who have the latest insights and necessary know-how to help you take advantage of the latest AI developments.

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Save Valuable Resources

Overcome the common pitfalls of AI internationalization and make critical early decisions on data access and regulatory strategies involving data partnerships and commercial engagements.

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Accelerate Your Expansion Journey

Our AI tracks help your startup move fast and support you with the targeted validation of your AI offering. Our team helps you successfully develop market entry strategies and execute your go-to-market plans.

What You
Will Work On

In addition to your base program objectives, you will have a core focus on AI product development and commercialization.

Focus on your AI product development, reliability, and scalability

Gain a deep understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges of bringing AI products to market with considerations for ethical and responsible AI development

Learn about similarities and differences in the AI ecosystems around the globe

Create and execute on a data access strategy exploring data partnerships and commercial engagements

Optimize your AI regulatory strategy at home and abroad in your target internationalization market 

Generate a reliable AI product roadmap with clear prioritization and timelines that keep your developers organized and on track for timely delivery of features



Getting Started

If you develop foundational AI technology and/or apply existing AI technologies to address a market need, we want to hear from you. Our various programs offer guidance and support for startups from all stages. Take a look at our programs below to see which offering or market might be most suitable for your business. Our scouts can guide you through the application process, discuss requirements, and advise on the right program for your startup.


Program Selection & Application

Once you have selected a program, we ask you to submit an application to help our team better understand your business, your AI offering, the stage of your startup, and your areas of focus. A team of experts evaluates every single application with great care. The specific application processes for each program are outlined in the FAQs.


Structured Learning

You will participate in specialized workshops on topics related to AI to equip you with the knowledge needed to expand your AI business. These interactive sessions are hosted by our expert mentors, alumni, and German Accelerator team and cover a wide range of topics, including data access and security, explainability, trustworthiness, bias in AI, model performance improvements, AI product development and roadmapping, and more.


Tailor-Made Support

Through in-depth and open dialogue with a dedicated team of AI experts, mentors, and German Accelerator team members, you will work on specific topics that will accelerate your company’s expansion. This includes access to our global community to expand your network and engage with the local ecosystem.

AI Programs We Offer


Kickstart AI in Germany helps AI startups who are early in their internationalization journey understand why and how to build a scalable AI business right from the early days of their venture.

Market Discovery Program

Market Discovery AI in Asia supports AI startups in their international expansion to southeast Asia with a solid understanding of the market, business environment, public and private resources for AI startups, as well as the local AI ecosystem and relevant players.

Market Access Program

The Market Access AI programs in the U.S. and Asia support AI startups with curated content and one-on-one mentorship from an extraordinary technical community of world-class AI engineers and data scientists.