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Our office is located in Cambridge, in the heart of one of the world’s leading life sciences innovation clusters. We sit within a shared office space at the Cambridge Innovation Center. Massachusetts is home to multiple biotech companies, well-funded hospitals, and top-notch colleges and universities – this density of relevant stakeholders has led to a thriving startup scene and highly valuable ecosystem.

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Facts and Figures
Life Sciences

5 of the top 6 NIH-funded independent hospitals are based in Boston

$96 bn

Boston’s startup ecosystem value is estimated at $96 billion


Startup ecosystem for life sciences companies in the world

Boston is home to over 1,100 life sciences companies

How This
Program Works


In the Prep program, you will build and complete key elements to get ready for U.S. market entry over the course of up to four months. We will be working with you on finding your North Star and getting all pieces in place to reach it. This includes, but is not limited to: your team, business model, regulatory pathway, and fundraising strategy. We assign a tandem composed of a senior strategist and a project manager and identify additional mentors with relevant expertise in your industry segment, who will work with you on the different work streams. Upon the completion of this program, you will have created a viable roadmap for your company’s success in the global market.


Within the Access program, you will execute your U.S. market access strategy with guidance from our mentors and partners. During the seven-to-nine-month program, we support you extensively: from creating your business development and reimbursement strategy all the way to identifying and facilitating partnerships and exit scenarios. We also assist you with operational challenges such as setting up a U.S. office through our network of trusted service providers. By the end of the program, you will have reached previously defined milestones that reflect our shared vision of success for your company.

Areas of Expertise

Digital Health

Platform Technologies


Medical Devices


“The German Accelerator Life Sciences project has been dear to my heart for a very long time. I very much believe in the mission of the organization and love working with a truly global team.”

Annika Pierson

COO | German Accelerator Life Sciences

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