German Accelerator Success Story: AMBOSS

Written by German Accelerator

Answers from Madjid Salimi, Managing Director & Co-Founder, AMBOSS

Why did you decide to participate in the German Accelerator New York program?

Ever since founding AMBOSS, our vision has been to provide doctors with the latest medical knowledge – eventually, in every corner of the world. A few years ago, med school graduates from Harvard approached us. They had seen our program on a foreign colleague’s phone and wanted a platform that would fuse cutting-edge German engineering with American medical standards. After two years of intensive work with a group of fifty U.S. physicians, we were ready to leave our developmental lab in Boston. We applied to German Accelerator knowing it would help us reach the next level.

What did you achieve during the program?

We were part of the Class of Winter 2017 but were granted two extensions, so we were in New York with the program for a total of nine months, which was incredible. German Accelerator allowed us to work operatively from day one. We had launched a partial product and gone on roadshows, visiting top-ranked medical schools and inviting their students to try it. After three months, we were looking at a 60% market share and confirmed that we were able to roll this out for the whole country.

We focused on building both a strong team and a vast network within the health sector. German Accelerator provided us with invaluable support, from recruitment strategies and help with employment law, to pitch training and networking in our field. The exchange with mentors and key opinion leaders allowed us to refine our vision for the future. Four months into our stay, with the amazing support from the German Accelerator team, we were able to find and rent our new permanent U.S. office, just a few blocks away from German Accelerator.

Three CEOs of AMBOSS, Madjid Salimi, M.D., Nawid Salimi, M.D., and Benedikt Hochkirchen From left: Madjid Salimi, M.D., Nawid Salimi, M.D., and Benedikt Hochkirchen. Photo by Fabian Rasmus Quast[/caption]

Where does your company stand today?

Our product has become a complete one-stop medical knowledge platform that physicians use to prepare for their licensing exams and to support their every day clinical decisions. At top-ranked universities such as Harvard, AMBOSS has become the most widely used tool during clinical clerkships. Dozens of medical schools and hospitals have licensed AMBOSS in order to offer the program to their students and employees. More than 500,000 single users from all over the world rely on our platform for learning, teaching, and practicing medicine. As the provider of a point-of-care reference tool, we closely collaborate with health organizations and medical associations. Currently, we’re focusing on the digital transfer of evidence-based recommendations, as found in medical guidelines, seeking to improve their application in-patient care – in favor of better outcomes in global health. We’ve also experienced an incredible team growth. With more than 100 physicians working on our platform, we are now the largest team of its kind in the world. And we’re always looking for more talent to join us on our mission!


AMBOSS empowers healthcare professionals around the world to perform to the highest evidence-based medical standards. The company’s knowledge engine is built on the latest medical research and cutting-edge technology. A group of young physicians launched AMBOSS in 2012 as a one-stop medical education platform that promotes best-in-class outcomes. Today, more than half a million users all over the world rely on AMBOSS for learning, teaching, and practicing medicine. The company’s international team has grown to more than 200 physicians, scientists, and engineers across offices in the U.S. and Germany.