Life Sciences Program Welcomes Three New Companies

Written by German Accelerator

With the start of summer around the corner, not only will the hot weather be ramping up but so is the Life Sciences program with the addition of three newly accepted companies. The most recent additions include a returning German Accelerator program participant, a company focused on the veterinary market, and another reimagining antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). Having participated in their Deep Dive meetings last month, the three new companies are currently on their way to finalizing and executing their customized program-defined workstreams.

Meet the Most Recent Additions to German Accelerator Life Sciences Program:

  • Anvajo (Dresden) provides a comprehensive point-of-care platform for laboratory diagnostic testing of liquids. The platform consists of the instrument itself, a software suite, and multifunctional sample carriers. Their versatile sample carriers and application-specific software enable applications across veterinary, life sciences, and medical market sectors.
  • ApoQlar (Hamburg) seeks to optimize the interaction between medical professionals and patients through its product VSI Holomedicine, a medical device and software based on artificial intelligence and augmented reality. The technology can simplify medical routines and processes from diagnostics to intervention while increasing patient safety and outcomes.
  • Tubulis (Munich) seeks to expand the therapeutic potential of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) by increasing design flexibility while overcoming toxicity, efficacy, and indication constraints.

Logos of the three new companies in the life science program

An Old Friend & New Friends on Their Journey to International Expansion

Taking their global expansion to the next level is apoQlar, who previously participated in the Asia Market Access program in the beginning of 2020. The company, which is redefining the standards of medicine and reaching new dimensions of surgery using mixed reality, is now focusing on entering the U.S. market. We were pleased to have Sirko Pelzl (CEO, apoQlar) join us as a panelist last fall during our “Pass The Mic” webinar centered around internationalization and opportunities for healthtech startups in Singapore.

When asked why the U.S. market is an attractive region for expansion, Anvajo cites the region as being the “biggest and most innovative country for Anvajo’s key markets – veterinary, biotech/ science, and medical.” By participating in the German Accelerator Life Sciences program, Anvajo looks to leverage best practices from industry peers and alumni of the program regarding distribution and product launch. The company is also eager to receive guidance from industry experts on the go-to-market strategy for their product fluidlab R-300, a handheld full-fledged spectrometer with an automatic cell counter. Establishing a network of distributors, receiving tailored legal advice, and gaining access to venture capital firms focused on innovative deep-tech applications are also areas where Anvajo looks to the German Accelerator team for resources.

Tubulis kicked off their program participation by refining their pitch and updating their deck through mock pitches to the German Accelerator team and assembled mentors. Once the pitch is updated for both their platform and product TUB10, the company will spend the remaining work streams on their U.S. operations plans and securing investor meetings.

In the past two months alone, the Life Sciences portfolio companies have raised an impressive $200M+ funding. We look forward to the three new companies following in their footsteps. Want to start scaling to The U.S. and Asia? Check out all of our programs here.