Navigating New Horizons: How a Tech & Beauty Startup is Thriving in the Indian Market

Written by German Accelerator
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System Akvile

Akvile AI is an innovative app exclusively for skin health. An all-in-one data-driven app helps to support skin health using data analytics, clinical science, and best-in-class technology.



Dr. Akvile Ignotaite
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Healthcare, Beauty, Artificial Intelligence

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Skin issues are nearly universal, impacting many of us at different points in our lives. In this digital age, with an emphasis on self-awareness and self-care, the quest for effective skincare solutions is paramount.

System Akvile has risen to the occasion with its revolutionary digital skincare platform, Akvile AI. This innovative app offers users a comprehensive insight into their skin’s health by incorporating biometric face scans, lifestyle patterns, hormonal health, and more. With a current user base exceeding 400,000 globally and over 150,000 AI-backed facial scans, Akvile AI sets itself apart as a pioneering, science-driven app catering to the skincare industry with impartial data.

Why System Akvile Chose German Accelerator to Help Them Expand to India

As of 2021, System Akvile had grown organically, boasting approximately 50,000 users on Akvile AI. Interestingly, India emerged as a focal point for user engagement, prompting the company’s thoughtful decision to expand into the thriving Indian market in 2022.

With the Indian beauty and personal care market’s value predicted to reach a staggering USD 21 billion by 2027, Dr. Akvile Ignotaite, System Akvile’s founder, acknowledges the untapped potential in India. Highlighting India’s massive Gen Z and Millennial populations, she emphasized the immense opportunity for tech-driven skincare solutions like Akvile AI.

To truly understand and penetrate the Indian market, the System Akvile team applied to join German Accelerator’s India Market Discovery program. This intensive program, conducted from October to December 2022, provided invaluable insights, mentorship, access to local experts, and facilitated the bridging of cultural nuances and market insights.

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Source: Statista, Redseer Strategy

How the India Market Discovery Program Helped System Akvile on Their Expansion Journey

Dr. Akvile Ignotaite’s hands-on experience in New Delhi and Bangalore underscored the power of in-person engagement and cultural immersion. It influenced System Akvile to integrate Indian recipes and Ayurvedic insights, enhancing its relevance for the Indian audience.

Dr. Akvile Ignotaite is also thankful for the mentorship opportunities that the program brought along. She is full of praise for mentor Dr. Lakshmi Jagannathan, who she says was instrumental in connecting the team with the right experts in the field and imparting her knowledge on India’s habits and cultural intricacies.

Dr. Lakshmi, in fact, was behind one of the biggest changes in the app’s business model – from the get-go, she informed the System Akvile team that a paywall would simply not take off in India. Today, the working relationship continues even though the program has ended – System Akvile had Dr. Lakshmi come on board as a company advisor.

Through the German Accelerator program, System Akvile gained pivotal market knowledge. This included arranging meetings with dermatologists and mentors well-versed in the Indian market. These connections enabled the company to navigate unfamiliar territories and tailor its products and content to resonate with its new target audience.



Having a program and structure really helps, especially when you are new in business, or when you do not have experience in a particular country 


Dr. Akvile Ignotaite  | Founder of System Akvile

What’s Next for System Akvile?

Today, half of System Akvile’s users are based in India. The company continues to grow in this dynamic region.  Alongside their B2C growth, System Akvile is also exploring collaboration with brands to offer actionable insights, as they captured over 50 million live data points on skincare attitudes, habits, and outcomes.

To further reinforce its growth and cater to the growing skincare needs of people worldwide, the company has also recently unveiled its partnership with Convosphere, a renowned agency specializing in social-first insights. This partnership further solidifies its commitment to innovation in skincare, unlocking novel growth avenues through data-driven decision-making.

Last Words: Advice for Startups

Dr. Akvile Ignotaite stresses the value of on-ground experiences, urging startups to embrace in-person programs and maintain an open mindset. Diverse markets demand diverse perspectives.

“In Europe, we sometimes live in a bubble and see the world in a certain way,” she explains, elaborating that visiting India opened her eyes to many things she had never expected – from small actions like ordering food, crossing the road, to how the Gen Z population used their phones and more.

 “It’s more than what you see in the headlines from the press – it’s important to really go on the ground and see what’s going on,” she adds.