The Hundert – Nine German Accelerator Companies

The Hundert, a startup print magazine, rewarded the best 100 German startups. We are proud that nine of our alumni made the cut. Congrats to i2x, KINEXON, Mesaic, Mitte water, Opinary, Replex, Silexica, SMACC, and Stoyo! They have managed to be serious competition opponents. This fact combined with an immense amount of innovative ideas and inventiveness leads to a constantly growing number of new companies trying to revolutionize everyday life.

What is  “The Hundert”?

To reward the most innovative startups, “The Hundert” shows the 100 most innovative startups in one issue. In order to select the final winners, a selected jury decides on the 100 most groundbreaking companies. Since 2013, “The Hundert” selected the 100 best participants in various categories presenting the international scene. These topics include the cooperation between startups and corporates, the founders of Europe and also the ecosystem in New York. In 2018, the magazine based in Berlin has named Germany’s top 100 most innovative startups.

The Winner Takes It All

The final winners introduce themselves and present their ideas on a double page in the print magazine. The readers get to know a variety of different ideas and solutions for various problems. Any startup can benefit and increase their publicity. This is just a little reward for all the passion and effort founders put into their dream, and with that effort, their ambition will pay off.

Preconditions for Participation

Startups have to meet certain requirements to get a chance for the coveted place in the top 100 ranking. These preconditions are, for example, the age of the company: To be listed in the Hundert, a startup must not be older than four years. But they also must have their headquarters in Germany or at least have been founded here. Startup experts from different industries judge the companies that meet the conditions and investors chose the final 100 startups. As well as media representatives, established entrepreneurs and other insiders. Their main criteria were innovation and the ability to generate value in the future. The Hundert startups of Germany in 2018 present a huge amount of companies. This shows how complex the German startup hub is because Germany offers a total of 40 different sectors.

See the full list with all companies here

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