Pitch Perfect! 30 German Startups Presented at Our German Startup Night Asia Edition

A Look Back on Our Recent German Startup Night – Asia Edition With Our Startups From the German Accelerator Southeast Asia and Next Step Programs

We hosted our very first fully virtual German Startup Night – Asia Edition! The event featured pitches from our best-in-class German startups that are part of our five-month acceleration program in Southeast Asia as well as participants from our Next Step market discovery program. With 30 startups pitching, this was the biggest German Startup Night we’ve ever hosted! We are glad to see that despite COVID-19, strong German startups are still working on their international expansion and are using this time to explore new business opportunities in  Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and India, even if it’s from the comfort of their own homes for now! More than 150 attendees joined from all over the world, including some VIP guests like Dr. Stefan Drews from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Singapore Ambassador to Germany, Laurence Bay. 

The event kicked off with an introduction by our Southeast Asia Program CEO Claus Karthe, who said a few words about our strong commitment to helping startups expand into the U.S. and Asia even during these challenging days running our programs virtually. He also touched up the promising results we have seen to-date and how excited he is that German startups are still very keen on expanding their businesses internationally. Our guest of honor was the Singapore Ambassador to Germany, Laurence Bay. As a fan of all things German, particularly sausages, soccer (The Bundesliga), and (German) startups, he emphasized the importance of continuously driving entrepreneurship and fostering innovation across Germany and Singapore. Equally as important is, to keep encouraging startups to not stand still and keep exploring and entering new markets. 

Each startup presented a pre-recorded pitch that was 3-minutes sharp, which was followed by questions from our audience. This provided more insights into their expansion plans, their products and solutions, and what they need from our network to be successful in their chosen Asian markets. In addition, the event coincided with the kick-off of the latest round of our Next Step India program and was a great opportunity for the startups to be introduced to the Indian startup ecosystem for the first time. 

Our graduating Southeast Asia Class 2020-1 shared their experience during the past five months, including milestones, key achievements, and what their plans are moving forward. It’s been quite a ride for these seven startups who started their expansion journey with us in Singapore physically but then had to readjust quickly to the virtual program. Despite the circumstances, they delivered promising results and we have seen our startups tackle new markets, form new partnerships, and secure new clients! We also held a virtual graduation celebration for apoQlar, Build38, Certif-ID, Exaloan, Expatrio, Iconic Holding, and Moonfare, who are now officially part of our 250+ #GAalumni! Congratulations and we are excited to see where your journey will take you next!

A huge thank you to all of our startups for their wonderful pitches and to everyone who joined our virtual German Startup Night! Special thanks to our supportive Southeast Asia mentor network and ecosystem, without which our program would not have a true impact on our startups.

Here are the startups that presented on June 30:

Current Southeast Asia Class 2020-2:

  • Forto provides a groundbreaking, scalable, digital logistics technology, and services that go far beyond point-to-point transportation.
  • HRForecast helps companies bridge business strategy and workforce requirements by utilizing the power of data.
  • Least Authority offers security consulting services for software products and distributed systems, along with a secure storage solution.
  • Mia & Ben pushes the boundaries of healthy nutrition in kids’ food using science and the introduction of natural and fresh products.
  • UppLab offers food supplements that are ethically sourced, follow ecological principles, and visually appeal to the consumers of today.
  • VisionHealth provides innovative digital healthcare solutions to improve therapy standards for patients in a networked world.

Graduating Southeast Asia Class 2020-1:

  • apoQlar is a leader of Holomedicine, specializing in imaging techniques (mixed and augmented reality) and data evaluation, with quality assurance by artificial intelligence and continuous machine learning. 
  • Build38 is a global provider of mobile application protection solutions. Its Trusted Application Kit protects apps from known and unknown attacks and opens the market to new digital business models.
  • Certif-ID is a global, blockchain-powered networking platform and a dedicated skills community that allows institutions to issue verifiable digital certificates and set new standards of trust, transparency, and efficiency.
  • Exaloan provides technology to institutional investors in digital loans, enabling clients to deploy capital globally in individual loans across digital lending platforms with full automation.
  • Expatrio is a holistic platform that makes relocation to Germany easy by helping international skilled workers and students get precise information and products that are required for the visa process. 
  • Iconic Holding enables enterprise-grade crypto-asset investment opportunities as the tokenization of financial and real-world assets to enhance financial institutional markets.
  • Moonfare is a technology platform that enables individuals and their advisors to invest in top-tier private equity funds. 

Next Step in Japan and Korea Participants: 

  • Dopavision is developing a digital therapy for myopia which can be seamlessly and invisibly integrated with the use of a smartphone.
  • eye2you fights preventable blindness with artificial intelligence and smartphones.
  • ive.One is a global service provider for creating compliant digital securities and offers a marketplace for alternative assets investors looking to diversify their portfolio.
  • LexaTexer offers predictive analytics automation, to support corporations’ direct decision making, by integrating and analyzing unstructured-, structured- and alternative data with machine learning technology.
  • XVA-Blockchain offers data enrichment, delegated regulatory reporting, and risk analytics for efficient OTC derivatives management to banks, asset managers, and custodians.

Next Step in India Participants: 

  • BioVariance aims to personalize and improve patient health by generating relevant data and insight and placing them in the right context
  • Canostix is working on the development of a revolutionary method to diagnose cancer based on photonics and big data
  • EDUBAO aims to become a leading partner in global education services and its core product, targeting Asian students, is a holistic education platform that helps them study abroad. 
  • SEIS develops software for healthcare management and with its HIS and Clinical ERP tool, aims to provide digitized healthcare solutions at affordable prices in Asia.
  • Swobbee is a battery-as-a-service that tackles the problem of (shared) micro and light electric fleets: the constant availability of fully charged batteries at an affordable price. 
  • SonoBeacon enables precise interaction with customers via ultrasound. Location-based services and interactive customer experience made easy via the customer’s personal smartphone. 
  • Wingcopter creates technologies to save and improve lives through transport drones, which have been developed for humanitarian and civil applications.
  • ottobahn is engineering an innovative autonomous transportation solution, combining proven railway technology with individualized gondolas.
  • RYTLE offers Logistics Infrastructure/Intelligence as a Service (IaaS) for Smart Cities, for quality-assured cargo fulfillment up to the LAST METRE.
  • RAMPmedical provides software for doctors that helps them make the right therapy decision through software that assembles a unique mix of AI technologies to achieve 100% accuracy.
  • Medical Cooling ’s ventilators double the chances of survival post-resuscitation, through cold air ventilation. 
  • ODE Systems a Social Impact Start-up that accompanies people as they make better informed, transparent, and stress-free decisions. “Learning processes” are used to eliminate stressors, thus strengthening mental health.

Did you miss out on our event but want to get to know more about our startups? Check out the pitches from our German Startup Night Asia Edition here.

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