Für Gründer Top 50 – Two German Accelerator Companies

The “Für Gründer” magazine ranked our alumni companies COMPREDICT GmbH and Toposens as one of the top 50 Startups of 2018. We also want to congratulate Celonis and Hydrogenious Technologies. They are part of the former Top 50 startup ranking.

What is the  “Für Gründer” Magazine

“Für Gründer” is a digital startup platform that started writing/reporting about the everyday life of founders in 2010. The platform offers all relevant tips and information to make their startup life as easy as possible for them.

Startups from All Industries

For some years now, the “Für Gründer” – ranking shows the top 50 startups. Every year, thousands of startups compete against each other and there are a lot of different personalities with innovative ideas. There is then finally a pre-selection of the top 50 winners. In the end, the so-called score has to decide.

These Are the Requirements

The startups compete in over 160 startup contests in Germany – At these competitions, the ideas and the companies themselves are evaluated in detail on the basis of a multitude of factors to choose the winners. To get ranked as a top 50 startup of “Für Gründer”, they evaluate the success of startups in other competitions. The type of competition, the number of awards, the amount of the total prize money, the number of prizes awarded and the number of prizes awarded, the prize money won as well as the placement in the respective competitions gives certain scores in each category. The highest scores finally result in the final top 50.

29 of the Top 50 Startups Are Active Abroad

29 of the startups in the top 50 ranking of “Für Gründer” are active abroad – the surprising majority. Eight of the startups that are not internationalizing yet are planning to expand into at least one further country this year. This means that by the end of 2019 only 13 startups focus on Germany. Among the most important markets are the USA with 9 startups and Austria with the same number. But there are also some more countries: for example Japan, Korea or Thailand. These results are impressive and underline the high quality of the Top 50 startups. Also, the review of the top startups of the previous years shows, which hidden geniuses are in this group and need encouragement.

See the full list with all companies here

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