China German Startup Night


March 30, 2023



Event time:
10:00am-11:30am CET
04:00pm-05:30pm CST

Join us for an exciting night of pitches, networking with top-notch startups, and getting together virtually to celebrate global innovation!

Enjoy the pitches of these amazing companies at German Startup Night:

MegaDev (Gaming, Software) With PLITCH the MegaDev GmbH offers a SaaS B2C Freemium solution which allows gamers worldwide to tailor their Singleplayer experience to their own liking and skillset. Users can try out PLITCH for free, free download and free account and in the free tier 3 to 5 options are available for all of the over +3300 games we offer. To unlock PLITCH’s full potential users have to upgrade to a Premium Membership.

WRS Energie (Energy, Sustainability) provides a complementary plug- in for compressed air systems to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions. Our LogAir- Box collects and transmits sensor data to software, detecting and evaluating leaks, waste heat losses and anomalies. Customers receive regular reports with updates on energy usage and concrete solutions to optimize savings potentials.

nxtDynamics (AR, Industry 4.0) provides custom Connected Worker Kits with completed pre-staging activities to supply a ready-to-operate solution. The current product NXTQ 3.0 is an AR “OUT OF THE BOX” workbench, that can be integrated into SAP/ERP system. It can be used anywhere and is easy to transport. The current use case is for maintenance.

Stryza (Software, Manufacturing) revolutionizes manufacturing operations by integrating knowledge management, workflow optimization, and skill management into a single software platform. With digital guides and instructions and the ability to collect and continuously update expert knowledge, Stryza empowers manufacturing companies to attain unprecedented levels of agility and productivity.

NISAR (Software Development, Autonomous Driving) NISAR’s mission is to create a revolutionary “Open Vehicle Ecosystem” for automotive software development that goes far beyond the established in scope, performance and flexibility.

APK (Recycling, Plastics) is an innovative industrial leader in the production of high-quality plastics from post- industrial and post-consumer plastic waste. With a novel solvent-based recycling technology, pure polymers for plastic applications with a new product character are obtained from plastic waste mixtures and composites. This closes the material cycles worldwide and makes a sustainable contribution to our environment and the responsible use of resources.

LAIFE (Health, SaaS) is a SaaS platform using AI to create tailored music from user data to solve mental health issues. The algorithm evaluates mood, preferences, and past listening to produce customized “Functional Music” that promotes relaxation. Our service helps users enhance mental well-being and sleep quality and improve their performance in Sports, Work, and many other daily situations.

Sustify (E-learning, Social Enterprise) provides e-Learning courses for occupational health and safety, presented in simple language. Gamified with a focus on the essentials. Responding to the requirements of the supply chain law, from your own factory to the direct suppliers in the Global South. Versions for different industries, cultures, and of course in the national language. Audio is included for users with reading difficulties.