German Startup Night in Seoul


November 8, 2023


Maru180, 180 Yeoksam-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us at our flagship event, German Startup Night in Seoul, where we will introduce 5 of our innovative German startups. Tune in to hear our visionary founders as they showcase their cutting-edge solutions, and afterward, savor the evening by mingling and networking while enjoying refreshments.

Please see as follows the agenda and profiles of pitching startups:


6:00PM – 6:30PM Guest Registration

6:30PM – 6:45PM Opening Remarks & Introduction to German Entrepreneurship

6:45PM – 7:10PM Startup Pitching

7:10PM – 9:00PM Networking and Refreshments


Assemblio offers AI-driven assembly line planning, revolutionizing production with faster, error-free solutions. With their solution, manufacturers are able to plan their assembly lines 92% faster, without expert knowledge. With their software, customers are also able to generate instruction manuals for products.​

AssistMe has developed a proprietary clip-on IOT ​sensor for adult diapers that measures the usage​ and volume of a diaper. By having this information available on their app, care givers can provide more personalized care, improving the quality of life for​ their patients. With their solution, elderly care​ homes can optimize their workforce, enhance​ documentation and reduce wastage on diapers.

BettaF!sh‘s product TU-NAH, is a plant-based tuna substitute from seaweed. Their product is relevant for eco-conscious consumers who seek guilt-free, sustainable seafood alternatives. BettaF!sh stands out from competitors with their authentic fishy flavor and commitment to conserving oceans through seaweed cultivation, promoting biodiversity, and offering new income opportunities for coastal communities.​

Qonda connects companies or individuals that require real-time interpretation services with professional interpreters. Their distinctive advantage is offering interpreters at incredibly affordable rates, coupled with rapid access, outperforming traditional services burdened by slow response times and challenges in finding suitable matches.

vGreens‘ indoor vertical farm produces premium, sustainable strawberries using AI to optimize growth, reduce pesticides, and save 95% water. With year-round production, it minimizes environmental impact and saves 99% land compared to traditional farming.