Alexander has multiple years of experience as an engineer in product management and research & development of agricultural machinery. He has been successfully testing prototypes in the fields and implementing new products in the North American market. His travels to remote parts of the world exposed him to the complex differences in agricultural practices, broadening his experience and international perspective. Alexander received his Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.) in mechanical and agricultural engineering from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences in 2008 as well as he is an experienced mechanic by trade.

In 2018 Alexander started ConradAgrarConsulting, LLC an AgTech engineering business and consulting firm based in the heart of Silicon Valley, in part to address the need to help connect international customers to the United States and the vastly growing AgTech industry of Silicon Valley. His specialities are applying the Design Thinking concept throughout the new product development process for innovative agricultural equipment and its validation in the fields, for this way to make sure new AgTech solutions fully address American farmers needs. Working simultaneously with equipment manufactures and end users, Alexander is bridging the gap between international AgTech suppliers who seek to expand their business to the United States and to their customers in the fields.