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German Accelerator Coffee Sessions

New York | Written by Christian Busch

Philippe von Borries (Refinery29) | From German Exchange Student to Media Entrepreneur (Part 1)German Accelerator talked to Philippe von Borries, Co-Founder of Refinery29, about how he and his team built and sold one of the fastest-growing media brands in the U.S.

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“Drink lots of water and warm up your voice!”

New York

Johanna Joch of Speechagain participated in our New York program and wrapped it up by winning the Best Pitch Award during German Startup Night. Back then, the trained speech therapist spent several hours working with one of our pitch coaches. End of 2019, she became a coach herself and we and picked her brain about her top workshop takeaways.

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German Accel Oct1-98

From Expanding Your Business To Expanding Yourself

Silicon Valley, New York

At the beginning of October, twelve young companies arrived from Germany in the United States to start their expansion journey with the help of German Accelerator. What have they been up to during their first few weeks in the program?

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Go Far, Grow Fast – Wie deutsche Startups erfolgreich expandieren


Startups gibt es viele. Die Zahl der Neugründungen in Deutschland lag, je nach Definition, 2017 bei 60.000. Die meisten Startups planen, auch international zu expandieren – und das nicht nur innerhalb der EU (95%), sondern auch darüber hinaus. Mit knapp 39% ist Nordamerika hier das am häufigsten genannte Ziel, gefolgt von Asien mit ca. 25%2.

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Our First German Accelerator Webinar

Silicon Valley, New York

With German Accelerator, you have the opportunity to push your startup internationally. In order to summarize the most important aspects a company has to consider when entering the U.S. market, our Company Scout Nicolas Hantzschorganized our first Webinar together with Matthew Listro.

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The Hundert – Nine German Accelerator Companies

Southeast Asia, Silicon Valley, New York, Germany

The Hundert, a startup print magazine, rewarded the best 100 German startups. We are proud that nine of our alumni made the cut. Congrats to i2x, KINEXON, Mesaic, Mitte water, Opinary, Replex, Silexica, SMACC, and Stoyo!

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The Best Visa Options for German Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

Silicon Valley, New York, Life Sciences | Written by Jason Finkelman

For foreign nationals seeking to live and work in the United States, obtaining a visa is one of the most challenging barriers to overcome for a successful entry into the country. Generally speaking, there are limited visa options for German entrepreneurs.

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The Basics of U.S. Business Taxes

Silicon Valley, New York, Life Sciences | Written by Paul Venokur (EA, Principal at Tarlow & Co. )

Before starting your international expansion in the U.S., it is crucial to have a basic understanding of your businesses’ U.S. tax obligations. Your tax compliance requirements will depend on the type of entity you form. This is the essential first step when planning operations in the U.S.

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Streets of New York City

Getting Around in New York City

New York | Written by Eric Erli

New York City is no stranger to visitors. There are multiple ways to get around in the greater New York City area, and plenty of resources available to ensure that commuters know what to expect. We have briefly detailed some of the most popular and convenient ways to get around in the world’s fastest-growing tech hotspot.

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Engineer like a German but Pitch like an American

Silicon Valley, New York | Written by Stephanie Korbely

“If you want to make it in the States, you need to have an inspiring vision. Germans are just too honest, too realistic, too modest. When we tell Americans about our big vision, most likely they will tell us that it is not big enough.”

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The Basics of Transfer Pricing and the IRS

Silicon Valley, New York, Life Sciences | Written by Rita Chung (International Tax Partner at Citrin Cooperman & Company LLP)

Transfer pricing has become a key area of focus for tax authorities around the world.  Maintaining appropriate documentation to support a company’s transfer pricing policies mitigates the risk of a potential tax adjustment during a transfer pricing audit and eliminates the risk of potentially substantial penalties.

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Everything You Need to Know About Startup Boards

Silicon Valley, New York, Life Sciences | Written by Samer Hamadeh, Adam Dinow

Every company has a board of directors – but few founders and entrepreneurs give the matter of board composition much thought. This piece is aimed at U.S.-based startups who are, or are intending to incorporate, as C-Corp companies.

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Traveling to the U.S. as a Temporary Worker – The 101 on ESTA and Visas

Silicon Valley, New York, Life Sciences | Written by Sarah Ames (Partner Quarles & Brady LLP)

When planning to come to the U.S., a foreign national will have to either register online for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) in order to travel to the U.S. under the visa waiver program (without a visa) or apply for a visa. This article will give an overview of the necessary steps to either register for ESTA or obtain a non-immigrant work visa.

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PlagScan CEO Markus Goldbach on How His Passion for Fairness Changed His Career

Silicon Valley | Written by Geoff Baum (German Accelerator Mentor in Silicon Valley)

PlagScan is a Cologne-based plagiarism detection service for academic institutions and businesses. The company participated in German Accelerator as part of the Class of Fall 2014 in Silicon Valley. In this interview CEO and co-founder Markus Goldbach, who was trained as a neuroscientist, recounts Plagscan’s founding story and how what started as a hobby turned into a fast-growing technology company.

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How to Obtain a U.S. Office and Business Address

Silicon Valley, New York, Life Sciences | Written by Eric Erli

Establishing a U.S. office is a crucial initial step when expanding your business to the U.S. This is because an American business address is needed for many tasks that require documentation. Having a U.S. office address is a good way to show that your company is on the ground and committed.

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Recruiting for Startup Jobs – Where to Post Vacancies

Silicon Valley, New York, Life Sciences | Written by Eric Erli

In the U.S., finding someone to fill a vacancy is easy, but finding the right person to fill a vacancy is hard. Having a strong team can determine the success or failure of a company. The most common way to find talent is to post open positions on online job boards.

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ProGlove Finds Their Fit in NYC

New York | Written by Stephanie Korbely

The Munich-based startup, ProGlove, develops smart gloves that enable manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer, and easier. Last January they joined German Accelerator New York Class of Spring 2018. Munich Startup reached out to German Accelerator and sat down with founder and COO Jonas Girardet to get an update on how things have fared for ProGlove in the U.S. market.

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01_Philipp Zimmermann

Robotics Startup Franka Emika Is Silicon Valley-Bound

Silicon Valley | Written by Sally Schönack

Franka Emika entered the German Accelerator program in Silicon Valley. Munich Startup interviewed founder and CEO Philipp Zimmermann on his expectations about the program, the company’s first steps in the U.S., and the biggest challenges they are facing as a robotics business.

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Seo B2b

Creating a B2B SEO Strategy for Startups That Drives Leads

| Written by Kevin Indig

Roughly 8 years ago, B2B marketing changed at its core. What was handled by eager salespeople got replaced by the Internet? In the enterprise segment, Salespeople are still necessary to close deals. But nowadays, customers have become very allergic to cold outreach and would rather do research by themselves.

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Celonis Scores $50M Series B on $1B Valuation

Silicon Valley

June 19, 2018

Celonis, a New York City enterprise startup, created a sophisticated software solution to help solve this problem, and today it announced a $50 million Series B investment from Accel and 83North on a $1 billion valuation.

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ProGlove Prepares for New York City

New York | Written by Stephanie Korbely

In October 2017, the Munich-based Startup, ProGlove was selected to participate in German Accelerator New York program. Munich Startup interviewed the founders.

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Hiring Interns in the U.S. as a German Company

Silicon Valley, New York, Life Sciences | Written by Klaus-Peter Statz (German Accelerator Mentor in New York)

Hiring interns is a great way to ease a startup’s workload while giving a young talent the chance to experience an exciting work environment. However, the onboarding can become challenging for German companies in the U.S. if they are not yet incorporated.

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