How Startups Contribute During COVID-19 – Meet the German Accelerator Companies That Provide Valuable Support and Resources (Pt. 3)

Written by German Accelerator

Our German Accelerator companies have been active in adapting their products and continue to offer additional value in the face of the current global crisis. Spanning from free cybersecurity protection for the healthcare sector and the free supply of ready-to-drink meals for its workers to parking space monitoring and virtual museum tours – these German startups prove that regardless of the industry you are in, there is always a way of showing presence and support.


apoQlar (Southeast Asia Class 2020-1, Hamburg) is a worldwide pioneer of innovative medical technology. It combines holomedicine with artificial intelligence and creates new unexpected possibilities for the medical world.

apoQlar’s response to COVID-19: apoQlar offers a product called Virtual Surgery Intelligence (VSI). To help and support, VSI has put together a ‘Holomedicine Pandemic Package’ designed to protect doctors, staff, and patients. Their telemedicine solution, for example, helps reduce the risk of cross-infection in hospitals by limiting patient visits to one attending doctor or nurse only while consultations with other specialists or colleagues are done virtually.


Betterspace (Southeast Asia Class 2019-1, Ilmenau) is an innovative and holistic 360° platform provider of Saas solutions for reliable and efficient digitalization of the hotel industry.

Betterspace’s response to COVID-19: Betterspace has been committed to helping the hotel industry since the start of COVID-19, and has launched a series of expert webinars to help hotel owners prepare for the safe reopening of their properties. On their dedicated corona crisis page, hoteliers can find insights, best practices, and information to help deal with the current pandemic crisis.


Building Radar (Silicon Valley Class 2016-2 and New York Class 2019-4, Munich) makes B2B sales within the construction industry more efficient by spotting the most valuable business opportunities at the earliest time possible.

Building Radar’s response during COVID-19: Even during COVID-19, construction projects have not stopped. To help you stay up to date, Building Radar set up a Live Ticker with construction industry coronavirus updates. You can also watch their webinar recording on the “Impact of The Corona Crisis on The Construction Industry” for deeper insights.


Hornetsecurity (New York Class 2017-3, Hannover) is a cloud security provider that offers comprehensive security solutions for email, web, and data storage.

Hornetsecurity’s response to COVID-19: With hospitals already at their limits, a cyberattack could cause severe or even life-threatening damage. Therefore, Hornetsecurity decided to offer free protection of the healthcare sector with their email security services.

Hornetsecurity is providing its IT Security Services to hospitals (©Hornetsecurity)


Inveox (Life Sciences 2019-1, Munich) established a fully automated pathology lab to standardize preparation procedures of human tissue samples, increase efficiency, and guarantee mix-up free processes.

Inveox’s response to COVID-19: While Inveox normally helps histopathology labs in the fight against cancer, they are now making use of pre-existing supply chains to support hospitals and are providing SARS-COV-2 test kits, protective masks, goggles, and more for medical professionals.


Kinexon (New York Class 2016-3, Munich) is focused on the development of precision localization and motion sensing solutions. With its tracking technology, Kinexon brings accurate and real-time analytics to professional sports and media.

Kinexon’s response to COVID-19: Kinexon joined 27pilots‘ initiative “Startups against Corona,” a platform for startups to support each other in finding solutions to Corona-related problems. Kinexon was awarded ‘Startup of the Day’ for sharing its real-time localization technology. It captures the movements of employees and helps employers know whether social distancing is being observed.


Labforward (Life Sciences Class 2017-3, Berlin) provides software solutions to streamline the daily work of scientists that work relentlessly to cure illnesses like COVID-19. The laboratory execution system Laboperator, allows scientists to design experiments, control laboratory instruments, and automate data collection. With Labfolder’s electronic lab notebook scientists can document their experiments and retrieve their data in seconds.

Labforward’s response to COVID-19: The company is offering Labfolder 100% free to all laboratories that are working on COVID-19. Additionally, they assist laboratories to automate their SARS-CoV-2 related protocols and workflows with Laboperator. Labforward is helping scientists digitize and streamline their research processes to improve global scientific collaboration and data validation for a possible cure or treatment.

Labfolder (left) and Laboperator (right) (©Labforward)


NavVis (New York Class 2017-1, Munich) empowers building owners and users to fully digitize all processes around their indoor spaces through extremely fast and affordable indoor mapping, web access to digital buildings in 3D, and the most advanced indoor navigation – no Wifi or beacons required!

NavVis’ response to COVID-19: Based on their mapping technology, NavVis generated a high-definition 360° virtual tour of the STEAM Museum (Museum of the Great Western Railway, Swindon, UK), allowing visitors to explore galleries and interact with the Great Wester Railway (GWR) steam locomotives.


Smart City System (New York Class 2020-2, Nürnberg) deals with the digitization of parking lots with the help of sensors. Thirty percent of inner-city traffic is caused by the search for a parking space. Smart City System’s vision is to use the resource of parking space more efficiently.

Smart City System’s response to COVID-19: Smart City System analyzed and evaluated the parking behavior in 226 supermarket parking lots to help companies conceptualize their parking spaces in order to comply with new infection protection measures put in place in southern Germany.


Staffbase (New York Class 2016-3, Chemnitz) offers a platform for mobile-first employee communication where companies can launch their own branded app for corporate communication, sharing information, and mobile processes.

Staffbase’s response to COVID-19: Staffbase built a tool designed to address crisis communication within companies called Staffbase NOW. As a real-time communications solution, it helps companies reach their entire workforce quickly and reliably throughout the pandemic and beyond.

Staffbase NOW app for crisis communication (©Staffbase)


TIMIFY (New York Class 2019-1, Munich) is an appointment scheduling software that businesses can use to make their services bookable online. The goal is to make appointment scheduling quick, easy, and affordable for everyone.

TIMIFY’s response to COVID-19: In these challenging times, TIMIFY is offering its digital scheduling system free of charge to all medical centers, laboratories, public and private organizations that help fight COVID-19. Their system allows appointments to be scheduled in a way that guarantees a safe distance between patients and supports the time-sensitive management of all resources.


YFood (New York Class 2019-1, Munich) creates and sells complete-nutrition drinks, drink powders, and snack bars that provide satisfaction and energy quickly and easily.

YFood’s response to COVID-19: Like many other startups and food businesses, YFood has been stepping up its own efforts to provide supplies to frontline workers. They have so far donated €100,000 worth of ready-to-drink meals to medical staff currently short on time to shop, cook and eat.