How Startups Contribute During COVID-19 – Meet the German Accelerator Companies That Share Knowledge, Valuable Resources and Help Lighten Our Mood (Pt. 2)

The coronavirus has definitely turned our lives upside down – not only in the business world but also in our private lives. Our German Accelerator companies have stepped up and provide support of all kinds during the crisis. Alumni and current participants from our different international programs are providing expertise and knowledge to help others tackle the challenges deriving from this new situation. Others try to lighten the mood during times of quarantine and lockdowns by offering free products, discounts, and by sending positive vibes. Find out what German Accelerator startups are doing and get inspired:

Technological Support

Technology is as versatile as the creative minds behind it. Some technical innovations can be transferred directly to mitigate issues faced by today’s healthcare systems, whereas others can support businesses and individuals navigate their coronavirus challenges.

FairFleet (Southeast Asia Class 2019-3, Munich), or the ‘uber’ of drones as they like to call themselves, is a global full-service partner for drone services that offers consulting, planning, and fulfillment of drone-powered solutions.

FairFleet’s response to COVID-19: As part of the Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition, FairFleet is offering its drone technology in the fight against the coronavirus. As quarantines, shutdowns, and social distancing regulations are implemented around the globe, just imagine all the possible ways drones can be used to fulfill human tasks contactless.


LiveEO (Silicon Valley Class 2019-4, Berlin) takes satellite images that allow railway, electricity, and pipeline operators to monitor the environment from above so they can effectively prevent potential dangers from vegetation, height changes, and third party interactions along their networks.

LiveEO’s response to COVID-19: During the crisis, LiveEO has been taking exclusive and somewhat mesmerizing satellite pictures: What do deserted airports and cities in lockdown look like in times of a pandemic? In “Wirtschaft von oben” (English “Economy from above”), WirtschaftsWoche is regularly featuring LiveEO’s very special photo series.

LiveEO’s images from space provide mesmerizing visuals that help with infrastructure monitoring (©LiveEO)


Quantilope’s (New York Class 2019-1, Hamburg) “Agile Insights” software provides real-time consumer insights for its clients to learn about and respond faster to consumer behaviors.

Quantilope’s response to COVID-19: Quantilope is offering a free research tracker for companies to help monitor consumer behavior patterns across the UK, U.S., and Germany. If you are a consumer brand, you might want to find out what and where consumers are currently buying. The company also announced free use of their Agile Insights Platform for research departments at brands in industries most impacted by the coronavirus.

Special Offers and Resources

Bunch (New York Class 2019-4, Berlin) is a people insights platform that enables people leaders to effortlessly track the impact of their initiatives based on real-time data from Slack, Google Calendar, and others.

Bunch’s response to COVID-19: Bunch compiled a crisis manual for startup founders and a COVID-19 leadership toolkit that includes free 3-month access to an AI-leadership coach.


Celonis (Silicon Valley Class 2013-2, Munich) is an enterprise performance acceleration platform, offering an advanced Process Mining tool for analyzing and visualizing business processes.

Celonis’ response to COVID-19: Celonis launched a Customer Care Program to help companies navigate the crisis by helping them understand how COVID-19 has impacted their business processes and what they can do about it. Three free apps (for existing customers only) offer targeted support in cash preservation, supply chain management, and mission-critical operations.


COMATCH (New York Class 2019-4, Berlin) is an online marketplace that connects high-quality independent consultants and industry experts across Europe with companies of any size.

COMATCH’s response to COVID-19*: COMATCH’s consultants put together a free corporate crisis guidebook to help corporations deal with the crisis and is offering free support for NGOs and social impact organizations which need help as a result of the pandemic. If you, or anyone you know, may be able to benefit from Comatch’s support, you can get started by filling in a “Support Needed” request.


Contentserv (Southeast Asia Class 2019-3, Rohrbach) helps brands and retailers personalize their product story by enabling marketing teams to manage all product-related contents in a single solution powering all relevant channels.

Contentserv’s response to COVID-19: The Contentserv blog is filled with insightful articles around the impact of the virus on product experience and consumer behavior.


EDUBAO (Southeast Asia Class 2019-2, Munich) is a leading education platform for international students seeking to study in Europe, helping with the admission evaluation, course selection, application preparation, visa processes, and more.

EDUBAO’s reaction to COVID-19: EDUBAO developed IDA (Informationsplattform für Deutsche im Ausland), a mobile information platform that helps keep German citizens abroad up to date with crucial information in times of crisis. This project was chosen as one of the 20 winners in the #WirVsVirus hackathon organized by the German Government.

EDUBAO’s app is helping German citizens abroad to receive a news-feed directly onto their phones (©


GotPhoto (New York Class 2019-3, Berlin) is the most advanced all-in-one online workflow platform and sales system for high-volume photography.

GotPhoto’s response to COVID-19: The company, dedicated to the digitization of school photography, has established itself as a thought leader in their space during this crisis. On their blog, GotPhoto is providing useful information for school photographers to help with immediate measures, and long-term solutions.


Lawpilots (Silicon Valley Class 2020-1, Berlin) offers innovative online training courses to support employees with the legal challenges of digitization, so they can develop awareness of data protection, compliance, and information security for everyday work situations.

Lawpilot’s response to COVID-19: Lawpilots produced a 15-minute free online course to help stay safe during this time as well as a 20-minute training course on working from home that covers how to stay organized, uphold data privacy, and manage mental health.

Lawpilots is offering online courses to help with the current situation (©Lawpilots)


Leapsome (New York Class 2020-1, Berlin) is a performance management and employee engagement platform. Leapsome combines tools for goals & OKRs management, performance reviews, employee engagement surveys, instant feedback & praise, and 1-on-1 meetings all into one customizable platform.

Leapsome’s response to COVID-19: Leapsome is supporting small businesses by offering free access to their platform for companies with less than 25 employees until July 1st. To find out how to best handle the current situation from home, they ran an emergency readiness survey with 31 German startups and shared actionable tips. In addition, they also launched the new feature ‘Remote Learning & Onboarding’ as a new edition to their enablement platform.

Jenny von Podewils, Co-Founder of Leapsome, was recently interviewed in our brandnew German Accelerator Podcast, ‘Startup Stereo.’ Tune in to hear what she has to say about the importance of feedback and what it has in common with an appointment at the dentist.


NEURO FLASH (Southeast Asia 2019-2, Hamburg) is a cloud-based content creation software that helps marketers understand what really moves people. With the help of AI, the platform provides instant feedback on how content performs on brand values and performance goals, generating higher conversion rates and brand success overall.

NEURO FLASH’s response to COVID-19: NEURO FLASH leveraged their social media data intelligence to analyze how people react to news about the coronavirus – what captures their attention and which articles and images they are most likely to share? They captured their findings ”What makes coronavirus headlines (real and fake) go viral?” on their blog.


Uberall (Southeast Asia Class 2018-3 and Silicon Valley Class 2018-4, Berlin) empowers the world’s biggest brands to connect with consumers online in a way that they get a “Near Me” brand experience, allowing for more local revenue streams and increased sales.

Uberall’s response to COVID-19: Uberall set up a special coronavirus info hub with timely articles and webinars surrounding the effect of the outbreak on businesses and what they can do to mitigate risks.


Positive Vibes

These German Accelerator startups are lifting spirits in times of social isolation. Whether it is an indoor game, a call to donate, or a postcard for a loved one – it’s the small things that can brighten up someone’s day.

Donut (New York Class 2019-4, Berlin) makes investing in digital assets smooth and effortless. By helping to improve your relationship with money, Donut empowers everyone to become an investor.

Donut’s response to COVID-19: Donut partnered with BitcoinTuesday to collect crypto donations for nonprofits that are on the front lines of the COVID-19 response – You can donate, too!


Fun With Balls (New York Class 2019-4, Munich) focuses on creating immersive sports experiences that encourage people to be active! The company specializes in sports-tech that is both fun and engaging.

Fun With Ball’s response to COVID-19: Fun With Balls has been ‘on the ball’ developing new entertaining and educational indoor gaming experiences to keep parents and children motivated and active during quarantine. With their MultiBall Home product, anyone can turn their living room into an interactive sports arena. Swing a ball at a virus, play a game of math, create some splash art or play a giant piano.

MultiBall Home turns your living room into an indoor gaming arena (©FWB)


MegaDev (Silicon Valley Class 2018-4, Munich) makes games more fun by providing a premium software to individualize your PC gaming experience. Their software lets you adjust over 1,500+ games to your personal skills – easier or harder – to get the most out of your games.

MegaDev’s response to COVID-19: MegaDev has seen a substantial revenue increase during COVID-19 and is now offering 10% of all their content for free as a token of gratitude. If you are someone who likes to tweak your own games, this is just the right thing for you!


MyPostcard (New York Class 2017-1, Berlin) allows you to send digital photos as postcards, right from your smartphone – from any place to everywhere, worldwide. You can also choose from more than 10,000+ pre-existing card designs.

MyPostcard’s response to COVID-19: MyPostcard designed a corona-specific collection of encouragement cards that people can send from one quarantined home to another. Now, who doesn’t feel comforted by a good old postcard in the mail from a dear friend or family member?

MyPostcard cards of encouragement (©MyPostcards)
*Updated on May 6, 2020